At the age of ten April gets her first real taste of high fashion a.k.a haute couture. April buys her
first issue of VOGUE with her weekly allowance. She became hooked on all of the beauty and
dreams that those glossy pages held.  An obsession with fashion and cosmetics further ensues.

April discovers a show on CNN called Style with Elsa Klensch. It was a ritual, every Saturday  at
10:00 in the morning she would tune into CNN to watch. She became absorbed in a world of
fashion, art and design even if only for an hour. She can still hear Elsa saying  "This is Style, and I'm
Elsa Klensch. Reporting on the design worlds of fashion, beauty and decorating."  She knew that
one day this would be the world that she would live in and experience day to day.

April's father invites her to experience a bit of what his job is like as a contractor. She is toted
around and gets to experience the development and reincarnation of many beautiful homes.
Some in the posh suburb of Westchester County, where she happened to grow up, some in
Connecticut mainly Greenwich and others atop luxury buildings in New York City. She learns at a
very young age what the aesthetic of beauty and quality mean to different people. When the
time came for her parents to decorate a new home (they have had several) they never
needed to consult with a decorator it was always a collaboration between April and her father.
He taught her how to use color and she knew just from instinct how to balance a room and
make sure that everything was proportionate for the space. For anyone that may question the
talent of a contractor, April has said, "My father has never been just a contractor. To call him a
contractor is a bit of a misnomer his vision has always been highly regarded by his customers
and some have even chose to call him an artist."

Fall – Senior Year, High School. April enrolls in an advanced “Home Economics” class. She
designs her own jacket and spends all semester constructing it, only to have it stolen after
presenting it in a student fashion show. It leaves her feeling flattered and devastated.

Spring – Senior Year. April is accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Volunteer for New York Fashion Week once titled as CFDA 7th on 6th
Volunteered as a fit model at Parsons...who was the student designer? Non other than the
extremely talented Peter Som, whose collection is now sold at high end department stores and
coveted by all those who know and love fashion.

Graduation. April graduates with an Associates Degree In Fashion Buying and Merchandising
and a Bachelor Degree in Production Management.

Lands her first job in public relations with the Swiss lingerie company Hanro of Switzerland. She
works with the costume designer for the movie Eyes Wide Shut and dresses Nicole Kidman for
the infamous bedroom scene with Tom Cruise. Bonds and friendships are formed with various
fashion editors at Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Town & Country all of which will prove to be
valuable relationships in the coming years.

Forms a close working relationship with a Neiman Marcus fashion executive and is offered a job
to work with Joan Kaner, Neiman Marcus' Fashion Director, at their New York Fashion Office. She
spends the next two years working with fashion editors, previewing collections during fashion
week and collaborating with some of the most recognized names in fashion.

That summer April spends a weekend out in the Hamptons and meets Tom Shen. Little does she
know he will propose in three years to come.

April is up for another challenge, she joins the German fashion house Rena Lange as their Public
Relations Manager. She coordinates fashion shows, dresses the girls of Sex & the City and lands
Rena Lange their first cover on WWD by calling the Editor in Chief and asking for it!

April is appointed Public Relations Director for MaxStudio.

Tom proposes marriage on a romantic Mediterranean cruise. She says, “YES!” The next twelve
months are a frenzy; they have a wedding and honeymoon to plan. Oh wait! What’s that? Tom's
work is transferring him to San Francisco? Add one more thing to the list: Prepare for a move

April and Tom marry in NYC.  The honeymoon commences in the South Pacific. April and Tom
move to San Francisco.

April won't settle for just any job so she decides to go into business for herself. Her focus: fashion,
beauty and design of course!
e-mail: info@april-shen.com
z d r i l i c
And so the story goes....

April’s mother dresses her in revolting red corduroy pants. Secretly she hides them at the
bottom of her toy chest and vows never to let her Mother dress her again.

The same year April’s grandmother who is a sales representative for a major cosmetics
company allows April to experiment with sample lipsticks, lotions, potions and creams. April
declares herself a human guinea pig for all things beauty.

Both relatives unknowingly instigate April’s life long obsession with fashion, cosmetics, and
As a woman who has held several
coveted fashion positions throughout
her career, I know that I have the
experience to help you achieve your
fashion goals, big or small. Before I
moved to beautiful San Francisco, I
worked in New York City for over ten
years as a fashion publicist for
companies like Neiman Marcus, Rena
Lange and Max Studio. My career
path put me in touch with some of
the top talents in the industry. I have
collaborated with designers, stylists,
photographers and various fashion
editors from Vogue, W, Town &
Country, Elle and Harper's Bazaar to
name a few. If you would like to learn
a little bit more about me and how I
got wrapped up in the world of
fashion, beauty and design...the story
begins here.
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