wardrobe evaluation and closet design
Allow me to create a welcome space where you can easily find and access the
clothes you need.  If required, I will design a closet specifically for your wardrobe
needs. Imagine your closet fully organized with all of your clothing sorted by
season, color, and necessity.  Plus, learn how to evaluate your wardrobe to
access what is missing from your wardrobe, what to toss, donate, repair or alter.
maximize your current wardrobe
I understand how easy it can be to get stuck in a wardrobe rut and only see
your wardrobe in one dimension.  If you find yourself wearing the same outfits
over and over again and you don't know any other way to mix it up I can help
you create a whole new look to your wardrobe with minimal purchases.
Did you know you can completely change the look of an outfit or dress just by
altering the accessories?
For example: take your favorite jeans and a white
t-shirt...pair it with ballet flats and a jean jacket and you have a weekend
casual look OR try an alternate look, add some chunky eclectic jewelry, a
corduroy blazer and a pair of coordinating boots and you have a look that is
suitable for a date night.

Learn how to:
Mix and Match
Play up your accessories and
Sport a layered look

With these three simple style guidelines you can really make a difference with
the way you view and wear your wardrobe.
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dress for your body
Define your body type....

A straight shape from top to bottom. Narrow hips and a small chest. The ruler is
waif like and thin, you will probably gain weight in the stomach and butt, while
your arms and legs will stay relatively thin.

This is the shape that woman long for, woman with an hourglass shape have a
perfectly proportioned shape on the top as well as the bottom with a well
defined waist. Hourglass shaped women tend to gain weight all over their body.

Small shoulders, bust and waist, with heavier hips, bottom and thighs. Triangle
shaped woman tend to gain weight below the waist.

Inverted Triangle:
A full bust and hips, though the I.T. can frequently be bigger on the top than
the bottom. An I.T. may have slim hips but she might also have a big belly or
bottom. Inverted Triangle figures tend to gain weight above the waist.

Once your body type is accessed and determined I can help you dress
properly for your body by accentuating the positive and downplaying the
create your own style identity
Do you ever look at "those" women and men that have such a defined sense of
style, and secretly wish your wardrobe and daily outfits were put together as
well as theirs? You can.

Not only is it their style identity that makes your head turn, it is usually their self
confidence that you notice as well. If there is a certain overall look that you
have always wanted to achieve but did not really know how, I can help you
define and create your own style identity. Whether the style you are looking for
has a focus on classic, sophisticated or bohemian I can help you create a
wardrobe that is all you.  
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