special event shopping
Whenever you have a special event to attend, I understand how important it is
to feel and look your best. The right dress or outfit can change your mood as
much as having the right hair and make-up. Think about how you feel and
project yourself on your not so attractive days versus how you feel and project
yourself on days when you know you are looking your best. On your confident
days your conversation may be a bit livelier and you have a better gait to your
walk, you may even find yourself looking in the mirror more often!  For those
special nights when you really want to shine allow me, your personal stylist, to
shop for that perfect look, I'll make sure you step out that evening wishing the
night would never end!
e-mail: info@april-shen.com
take your outfit from day to night in a few simple steps
Learning how to take a look from day to night is not as much of an ordeal as it
may seem to be. All it takes is a little planning. For example: take a typical suit
that you may wear to the office and learn how to dress it up in a few simple
steps: lose the jacket, change your shoes from classic pumps to strappy heels,
and add an accessory or two. This is explained to you very simply here but there
are many variables to this skill that can create a myriad of day to night looks for
dress with style for your pregnant body
As little as ten years ago dressing with style during pregnancy was not an easy
task. Lucky for us today's designers have made it much easier to shop for
maternity clothing.  It is no longer something daunting but something that we
can look forward to! There are multiple shops and web-sites that cater to
women like you wanting to buy cool and fashionable maternity clothes.

Even with all the maternity fashion that is out there some of you may not have
the insight as to what looks good, don't worry it is not your fault! You have a
whole new body that takes some getting use to... that's why I am here to help!
Did you know that using a rubber band or ribbon tied around the button and
looped through the button hole of your non-maternity jeans will allow you to wear
your "normal" jeans a little while longer?
  Allow me to teach you a few more tips
and tricks just like this one to make your non-pregnancy clothing last a bit
longer.  In addition I will teach you various maternity styling tips to make sure
you are feeling and looking your best each and every day.
I know it is a bit unrealistic to think that we can look like a super model or
rock-star during our pregnancy. After all they have a team of people to help
them out to keep them looking amazing. I have to say though it is not
completely unrealistic....it is possible to look your very best!
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